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Arm Warmers

The VOLO™ Arm Warmers keep your arms warm on cool days or early morning rides.  An accessory you can't go without, these form fitting thermal arm warmers are made from Stelvio™, have an ergonomic bend at the elbow and feature an elastic gripper on the top hem to hold them in place while you ride.  Available in sizes XS - 3XL.

Knee Warmers

The VOLO™ Knee Warmers keep your legs warm on cool rides and can be easily removed if the weather warms up. Made of Stelvio™, the thermal fabric form fits featuring a comfortable aerodynamic fit. They feature elastic grippers on both hems to stay in place when riding.  Available in sizes: XS - 3XL.

Leg Warmers

For those cold days when only the dedicated are out braving the elements, the VOLO™ Leg Warmers are a must to keep the bite of cold off your legs.  Made of Stelvio™, the thermal leg warmers form fit to your legs for an efficient ride. They feature an ergonomic fit at the knee, elastic grippers on both hems and a zipper at the bottom to facilitate pulling them on and taking them off. Available in sizes: XS - 3XL.

Aero Summer Gloves (Long)

The VOLO™ Aero Summer Gloves feature a long or high cuff. They are made of high stretch Lycra™ with bioelastic breathable mesh and a no slip palm pad. These gloves are a must to complete the "Pro" look of your kit. Available in sizes: XS - 2XL

Summer Gloves (Short)

The VOLO™ Summer Glove features a shorter cuff as all traditional cycling gloves. Fabricated of high stretch Lycra™, bioelastic breathable mesh, and a no slip padded palm. Available in sizes: XS - 2XL.

Winter Gloves

The VOLO™ Winter Glove is the perfect accessory for cool days in the saddle. Best on days not below 45ºF or 8ºC, these gloves are made of windproof and waterproof fabric. They feature a no slip padded palm for comfort when gripping the bars. Available in sizes:  XS - XXL.

Chrono Shoe Covers

The VOLO™ Chrono Shoe Covers are sleek, form fitting shoe covers made of high stretch Lycra™ to give you an added aerodynamic advantage. Featuring a locking zipper on the back they are fully printable to give that "Pro" look. Available in sizes: XS - 2XL.

Winter Thermal Shoe Covers

The VOLO™ Winter Thermal Shoe Covers are a necessity on cool days when braving the elements. They are made with windproof and waterproof fabric, feature a back zipper with velcro cover at the top. They offer the best results on days that are 35ºF or 2ºC or above. Available in sizes:  XS - 2XL.

Neck Warmer

The VOLO™ Neck Warmer is designed to cover your neck and to be pulled up over your chin when the bite of cold on your face gets intolerable. When not needed it can be pulled down. Fabricated out of Lombardia™ which features a brushed inside for extra warmth. Available in one size fits all.